Project 2: Web File Management

For this project I learned how to set up my iSpace account, organize files within my cgs2821 folder on my computer, and how to mirror them in Cyberduck. I set up a folder in my Documents named cgs2821 and then set up folders within that folder titled proj2 through proj11. That was the easy part! Next I downloaded a program called Cyberduck and connected it to iSpace at Then I dragged and dropped my entire cgs2821 folder into the html folder on iSpace. All of my work for cgs2821 has to be put on my iSpace account and be uploaded to the internet.

I did have a problem when I dragged and dropped the two files I’d downloaded into my proj2 folder. I had dragged and dropped in such a way that I had a proj2 within my proj2 folder so it wasn’t working when I tried to view it at The problem was easliy remedied by deleting the incorrect file and re-dragging and dropping the right ones. Now it works!

My work can be viewed at:


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