Gosh, this is hard!

Well not really. This is more of less what I’ve been doing for a while now. It’s similar to Tumblr but without the interaction and I find the pages much easier and more accessible from the dashboard.

I’ve started quite a few blogs in my time, but usually I post voraciously for a week then lose interested and post nothing until one day I post a sappy poem about heartbreak. I must admit, this class is forcing me to actually write and post so I can’t complain! I also really like using WordPress over the other websites I’ve used to create websites. WordPress is straightforward and clean in its appearance.

I did learn a bit of HTML code and use it back in the days of Myspace. It actually gave me a pretty good understanding of the basic ideas. I also did work-study at the Center for Intensive English Studies and created quite a few presentations and documents for the Academic Liaison. I particularly like doing graphic design, though I know only a little. I’m excited to learn more and expand my skill set!



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