So I be Written in the Book of Love.

From the tender age of twelve I’ve known what I wanted to do when I grew up. I’ve wanted to be a lawyer.

It started with History Fair in the eighth grade. My two best friends and I did our project of the Scopes Trial. We did a play in which I played the famous defense attorney, Clarence Darrow. But it wasn’t the Scopes Trial that made me want to be a lawyer, it was a trial he had defended earlier that same year. He defended two young men, Leopold and Loeb, who murdered a young boy to see if they could get away with it. What stuck with me was Darrow’s closing argument. He thought that these boys shouldn’t be sentenced to death for what they’d done in stupidity and youth, but should have the chance to redeem themselves. He plead for kindness and compassion, for forgiveness and most of all love. He closed with the words of Omar Khayyam, words that have stuck with me ever since;

“So I be written in the Book of Love
I do not care about that Book above
Erase my name or write it as you will,
So I be written in the Book of Love.”

Though I do not wish to be a defense attorney, I do want to remind people that condemnation is not the way. With this class I want to be able to make a website for myself as an attorney. I also want to give the victims of sexual assault and rape a place to tell their stories, a place to find strength in knowing they are not alone and they will survive.

I want to use this class to show people that humor, sadness, hope, fashion, joy, pain, and, above all, love can live together.



Gosh, this is hard!

Well not really. This is more of less what I’ve been doing for a while now. It’s similar to Tumblr but without the interaction and I find the pages much easier and more accessible from the dashboard.

I’ve started quite a few blogs in my time, but usually I post voraciously for a week then lose interested and post nothing until one day I post a sappy poem about heartbreak. I must admit, this class is forcing me to actually write and post so I can’t complain! I also really like using WordPress over the other websites I’ve used to create websites. WordPress is straightforward and clean in its appearance.

I did learn a bit of HTML code and use it back in the days of Myspace. It actually gave me a pretty good understanding of the basic ideas. I also did work-study at the Center for Intensive English Studies and created quite a few presentations and documents for the Academic Liaison. I particularly like doing graphic design, though I know only a little. I’m excited to learn more and expand my skill set!



You are about to embark on a magical journey into a world of magic, mystery, and college parties.

Well, mostly just sitting at home watching Netflix.

First things first, my name is Mary Margaret, but you, my friend, may call me Maggie. This is website is my maiden voyage into a class called Intro to Website Design. I promise to try not to misspell or make grammatical errors on this expedition, for I know how they burn one’s eyes.

Along this trip you will discover horrible women who claw each other’s eyes out and foam at the mouth, sororitus girlius; you will hear of babbling buffoons who slip poison into maiden’s drinks and are only concerned with “getting swoll,” they are known as broanicus fratius; finally, you will meet those few and brave souls who walk with me, they are the Fellowship of the Ring.